Recent Criminal Cases

Assault charges withdrawn and Stalk/Intimidate charge dealt with under Mental Health Act

Our client was a 50-year-old man with a previous criminal history. Our client had suffered a catastrophic workplace accident 3 years prior to the offence and had suffered significant injuries. Read more

Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm charges downgraded following pillow fight

Our client, who had previous criminal charges involving drink driving, was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm following a pillow fight with his girlfriend, and with intimidation following a separate incident with the same girlfriend. Read more

Client with criminal history receives minimum disqualification period for drive with illicit substance present

Our client was a young man with a history of driving and criminal offences. He had also previously spent time in custody. Read more

Importance of Commercial Quantity of Methylamphetamine

Our client was a 39 year old man with no previous criminal convictions. He had recently separated from his wife and finalised parenting arrangements for his two young children, when he woke up to police banging down his door at 6am one morning. Read more

Man charged with destroying his own Laptop

Our client, a 48-year-old man with no criminal history (except for a drink driving offence 16 years prior) was charged with intentionally destroy/damage property, which is punishable by 5 years imprisonment. Read more

Man escapes conviction after driving whilst his licence was cancelled

Our client, a 57-year-old man with no previous criminal history, was charged with driving whilst his licence was cancelled. In December 2020, our client’s licence was disqualified for a period of 3 months, which was due to expire in March 2021. Read more

Man receives no conviction and Conditional Release Order for Assault

Our client was a 30-year-old man charged with assault of his wife after a domestic incident. The parties marriage was under incredible pressure and had started to show signs of strain. Read more

Sexual touching charges successfully downgraded

Our client was a young man with no prior criminal history. He was playing sport where he made physical contact with another player in the course of the game. Read more