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Campbelltown Law Office

The team at the Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers Campbelltown office have the expertise and experience to stand behind you and give you legal advice in a language you understand… without the legal jargon.

Why Choose Our Experienced Campbelltown Lawyers?

At Coutts, we provide top-notch legal services at reasonable prices. Our team of knowledgeable Campbelltown Lawyer are committed to providing the highest level of representation and service. We recognise that each case is special and requires personalised attention, so we invest time into getting to know our customers and their particular needs and targets. 

Whether it’s a family law case, a criminal charge, or a personal injury claim, we are here to give you the legal advice and assistance you need for the duration of the whole process. 

We offer the flexibility to meet with us in person or via Zoom to ensure clear communication and comprehension. For Injury Compensation matters, Coutts offers a ‘No Win No Fee’ policy to make sure our clients only pay if their case is victorious. 

For those living in Campbelltown, Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, please reach out to our office to arrange a meeting. We can be contacted by call, email, or online chat. Have confidence that your case will be managed by the most reliable Campbelltown Lawyers who are sincerely invested in their clients.

The Services Our Campbelltown Lawyers Can Assist You with

Property Law & Conveyancing

Coutts has a long history of providing superior legal counsel and advice in relation to property law & conveyancing. Our extensive knowledge of the appropriate laws and regulations enables us to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the legal ramifications of purchasing, selling, or leasing property, as well as providing guidance on obtaining the necessary planning permissions. Additionally, Coutts can help draw up the legal documents and contracts associated with a property transaction, guaranteeing that all involved keep their interests secure.

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Employment Lawyer

Employment Law

Coutts offers full legal counsel and services to employers and employees. Our knowledgeable team of Campbelltown employment lawyers have an extensive array of information and proficiency in every area of employment law. We give legal counsel on contracts, disciplinary and grievance procedures, terminations, redundancy, discrimination, TUPE and other labour law topics. We also assist customers with dispute resolution, tribunal representation and settlement conversations. Our team of lawyers are experienced in both contentious and non-contentious work, so whatever the issue, we can provide an effective solution.

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Family Law

Coutts is a family law firm with a wealth of experience and can provide clients with the highest quality of counsel and representation in any of the many family law matters. We take a comprehensive approach to family law, offering help, advice and direction in issues such as divorce, property division, parenting arrangements and child support. We can also give advice on financial matters, including spousal maintenance and superannuation splitting. The team of family lawyers in Campbelltown, which includes an Accredited Specialist, is dedicated to aiding clients throughout their family law process. We recognise the intricacies of family law and can give personalised advice and guidance to ensure a positive result for our customers.

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Family Lawyer
Commercial Lawyer

Commercial Law & Litigation

Coutts has a long-standing tradition of providing legal counsel to those in the business law field. Our knowledgeable and highly trained team of commercial lawyers can give our customers a full spectrum of advice and support with a variety of commercial law matters. We are adept at creating and signing off on commercial contracts, solving contractual issues, giving guidance on corporate governance and compliance, and representing our customers in court. Our Campbelltown legal professionals have dealt with a variety of industries, including finance, banking, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.

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Injury Compensation

At Coutts, we guarantee the finest legal service when it comes to injury compensation. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in all areas of personal injury law and have a history of achieving favourable outcomes for our clients. We are dedicated to offering a customised approach to each and every individual, and we have an impressive record of obtaining the utmost amount of compensation for our clients. Additionally, we are available to offer consultation on other personal injury-related matters, such as medical malpractice and occupational health issues. And don’t forget to inquire about our NO WIN NO FEE policy!

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Injury Compensation Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Law

Coutts is an exceptional firm when it comes to criminal law, boasting an impressive 25 years of service. Our team of experienced lawyers have dealt with a many different types of criminal cases, giving us an astute comprehension of the judicial system. Our expertise is widely acknowledged and we are committed to providing personalised, effective legal representation for our clients.

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Wills & Estates 

Coutts provides experienced and knowledgeable lawyers in Campbelltown who are experts in Wills & Estates, aiding families and individuals in safeguarding their financial future and making informed decisions about their estate plans. From creating wills and trust documents to settling issues concerning estates, we provide our clients with the legal assistance they need to ensure their wishes are taken into consideration. Our Campbelltown Lawyers are well-versed in tax law and corporate law, which are integral for estate planning. Furthermore, Coutts offers an array of services to help clients handle the complexities of estate planning. These services include the administration of estates, probate proceedings, asset protection, and estate taxes. 

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Will & Estate Lawyer

Contact our experienced Campbelltown Lawyers

Located on Queen Street Campbelltown. Within walking distance from Campbelltown Mall and the local Courthouse, the Campbelltown office is home to professional staff who can assist with various legal needs.

Our Campbelltown Lawyers also offer a free Justice of the Peace (JP) service between the hours of:

  • Monday 10am – 12noon
  • Wednesday 2pm – 4pm

Just walk in with your ID and documents and a lawyer or JP can witness and sign your documents. Should you require it, we are happy to provide photocopying at the rate of $1 per page.

Campbelltown Lawyers FAQs

There are many situations in which it may be advisable to consult with a Campbelltown lawyer. Some common reasons to seek legal advice include:

  • You have been charged with a crime and need representation in court
  • You are involved in a civil dispute, such as a contract disagreement or a personal injury claim, and need legal assistance to resolve the matter
  • You are starting a business and need guidance on legal matters such as contracts, regulations, and compliance
  • You are going through a divorce or other family law matter and need legal advice and representation
  • You are planning your estate and need help with issues such as wills, trusts, and inheritance
  • You are facing a legal challenge, such as a regulatory investigation or a lawsuit, and need representation to protect your interests

In general, it is always a good idea to consult with a lawyer if you have any legal concerns or questions. A Campbelltown lawyer can provide valuable advice and representation to help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights.

When choosing a Campbelltown lawyer, it is important to consider several factors to ensure that you find a lawyer who is well-suited to your needs. Some key things to consider when choosing a lawyer include:

  • The lawyer’s area of expertise. Make sure the lawyer you choose has experience and expertise in the area of law that is relevant to your case.
  • The lawyer’s track record. Research the lawyer’s past cases and look for indications of their success rate and ability to achieve favourable outcomes for their clients.
  • The lawyer’s fees. Understand how the lawyer charges for their services and make sure you are comfortable with their fee structure.
  • The lawyer’s availability. Make sure the lawyer you choose has the time and availability to handle your case in a timely manner.
  • The lawyer’s reputation. Look for indications of the lawyer’s reputation within the legal community, such as their professional memberships, awards, and ratings.
  • The lawyer’s communication style. It is important to work with a lawyer who is a good communicator and can explain legal concepts in a way that you can understand.

Taking the time to research and compare different lawyers can help you find one who is well-suited to your needs and has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your legal goals.

Yes, It is possible to consult with one of our Campbelltown lawyers digitally, either through video conferencing or by phone. Coutts provides virtual meetings as a way to continue to provide legal services while adhering to social distancing rules. Digital consultations can be a practical and successful way to talk about legal matters as well as receive advice and representation. If you would like to meet with a lawyer digitally, it is best to talk to the lawyer and determine the best way to communicate and transfer information. Altogether, digital meetings with a lawyer can be a useful choice for many legal issues and can be a convenient and efficient way to get legal advice and representation. Of course, clients may opt to meet at our Campbelltown office if they prefer.


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