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It is important to have access to commercial advice in times of insolvency

Businesses confronted by the financial crisis and in need of assistance in responding to increasing debt obligations may benefit from a corporate restructure.

Coutts can guide business owners through these difficult times to reduce their debt and aid recovery whilst preserving the operations of the company and protecting the valuable business assets. Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers can provide advice as to how to best handle these scenarios and avoid them reoccurring. Coutts is able to deliver a full-service advice with advice from the employment, disputes and transactions teams to restart your business.

Our team can advise you

Coutts advise on:

  • Bankruptcy, receivership, voluntary administration and liquidation
  • Corporate recovery, workout arrangements and schemes of arrangement
  • Applications for the appointment of a liquidator, provisional liquidator and receiver or trustee
  • Share transfers
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Debt moratoriums and refinancing
  • Employment issues arising from insolvency
  • Property and lease issues arising out of insolvency
  • Distressed and insolvent trading
  • Breaches of directors’ duties
  • Corporate reconstruction
  • Issues of priority arising out of competing interests of various parties, registered and unregistered securities
  • The sale of property and businesses for insolvent entities
  • Securitisation and retention of title issues
  • Business and asset management, and
  • Mergers, acquisitions and due diligence.

What are the next steps?

Access expert commercial advice for navigating insolvency and corporate restructuring challenges. Coutts can guide you through bankruptcy, debt negotiations, property issues, and more. Contact our team today to discuss your restructuring and insolvency needs.