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What is TPD Insurance?

If a person has suffered an injury which prevents them from working or returning to work in the same capacity, then a claim may be made against their superannuation or insurance policy. This is called a Total Permanent Disability Claim or TPD Claim. This can be paid to the claimant in a lump sum and may assist in easing the financial burden faced in relation to disability.

A person may also be eligible to claim a death benefit if they have lost a loved one. Superannuation, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Death claims do not have to be work related.

Am I entitled to make a claim?

TPD claims will be assessed on personal circumstances. Each super fund and insurance company will have varying eligibility specified within the terms of its policy. However, there are some common requirements for making a claim. These include:

  1. Assessing your level of disability to ascertain whether your disability meets the minimum threshold. This includes evaluating whether you are permanently unfit for your usual employment, or any other employment that you are qualified for.
  2. Whether the cover is included within your superannuation policy.
  3. Adhering to the specified waiting period is important as most policies will require this to be fulfilled so that the extent of all injuries can be adequately determined.
  4. Many policies require you to satisfy a minimum level of employment history before you can receive a TPD payout.

Making a Claim

There are particular steps that must be taken in order to lodge a successful TPD claim. As mentioned above, this will also depend on the policy terms stipulated by your super fund or insurance company. The process can be extensive and tedious; however, the Coutts Team can make sure you are receiving appropriate and thorough legal advice to ensure you can access the entirety of benefits that you are entitled to.

What if my TPD claim has been rejected?

Coutts can assist you if your claim has already been rejected. We endeavour to make successful arguments for your case. We can commence proceedings in the Supreme court to settle your claim.

Why Choose Coutts?

At Coutts we are proud of our “No win No Fee” policy as we understand the financial burden obtaining a solicitor can have on an individual. We also provide a free Initial consultation and case assessment advice at the beginning of your matter. At Coutts we pride ourselves on providing flexible services to our clients and we will commute to you for appointments. We endeavour to respond to our clients within a 24-hour time frame and have a one point of contact.

The Team at Coutts Can Help You

At Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers, we understand the complex nature of a Total Permanent Disability Claim. Our NSW personal injury lawyers are experts in the field of person injury claims specialising in Total Permanent Disability claims. We recognise that a Total Permanent Disability claim can be highly stressful, and our team are here to provide the support you need. Karena is an experienced lawyer who heads our Personal Injury department and specialises in TPD claims. She brings a personal approach to each individual case and recognises that each case is unique.

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