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Separation can be a complicated and difficult process. Often, the parties to a separation are left trying to reach an agreement regarding property, children, or both.

Separation occurs when a married couple, de facto couple, or same sex couple ends their relationship on a final basis. It is different from divorce, in that all that is required for separation is that the decision to end the relationship is communicated to the other party.

How to Separate – Is anything needed legally?

In order to prove separation for the purposes of an Application for Divorce there must be elements of physical, emotional and financial separation. While it is possible to live under the same roof while separated, the Court requires evidence of separation.

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The Family Law Team at Coutts are highly committed and determined to achieve an outcome that is in our client’s best interests. We appreciate that family law matters can be stressful and overwhelming, but we aim to provide you with informative and comprehensive advice to assist you at every step of the process. We assist our clients through every stage of the divorce process, from legal planning to the restructuring of their assets, allowing them to move on with their life. We also then refer our clients to the Wills & Estates Team to restructure their Wills. Contact us today!

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