Purchasing or selling property in New South Wales can at times be stressful and overwhelming; however, when you decide to do buy or sell property in another state or territory that can all of a sudden become a bit scarier and more confusing. We here at Coutts are happy to help you through each step when purchasing interstate. At Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers, we can assist you with the following:


When purchasing in Queensland, we will be able to assist you to understand the process in Queensland, along with advice you of any stamp duty concessions you may be entitled to.

Selling in Queensland is very different to New South Wales; Here at Coutts, we will help you through that step by step process, allowing you to complete it as soon as possible with minimal stress.


In Victoria, the conveyancing process is very similar to Queensland, however there some key differences which, without the correct understanding, leads to some risks. We will be able to help you understand the process in Victoria, by taking you step by step through the Contract and assisting you to ensure you avoid any risk that may occur.

South Australia

In South Australia, as much as it is important to ensure you understand the process, it is also important to ensure all important documents are provided. In South Australia, in addition to a Contract, a seller is also required to provide a Vendor statement. The Vendor statement needs to include the correct information and searches; without the same, Contracts cannot become unconditional. At Coutts, when purchasing in South Australia, we will assist you in understanding crucial elements such as the Vendor statement.

Australian Capital Territory

When purchasing in other states, you purchase the title to a property, however in the Australian Capital Territory you do not purchase the title of the property; instead, all property ownership is by way of lease. Due to the fact that you will not own a property and instead own a lease over the property, there are many differences which it is important you are aware of when purchasing and at Coutts, we can help with this.

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