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Driver successful in appeal to overturn automatic suspension of licence

Lawyer-in-charge: Lara Menon

A 33 year old man sought Lara’s assistance in appealing a decision of the RMS to suspend his license after he was caught speeding in excess of 30km over the signposted speed limit. Our client was an upstanding member of society, voluntarily coaching and transporting underprivileged teens to rugby league games in the local area. Lara made submissions in relation to the disastrous effect on these teens should our client lose his license for an extended period of time, and tendered subjective material in support of our client, including our client’s reflections in completion of the traffic offenders program.

Lara convinced the Court that our client had a genuine, demonstrated need for a license, and ultimately decided to vary the suspension period to 7 days. Our client was able to continue attending football coaching, and after missing only one game, will be able to continue transporting these disadvantaged teens to and from their games and training.

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