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When it comes to Competition & Consumer Law, we are your dedicated advocates. Our team possesses a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the legal intricacies. We are committed to ensuring that your business remains compliant and competitive, offering sound legal guidance that is strategically crafted to safeguard your interests. With unwavering commitment, we provide meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of Competition & Consumer Law, serving as your trusted legal partner.

Adriana Care

Adriana Care
Managing Partner

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Coutts can assist with managing the “red tape” in consumer regulatory compliance to avoid business disruption

Competition and Consumer Law in Australia governs the way in which businesses can trade, advertise and compete with one another. Coutts ensures clients understand their obligations and options when providing goods and services and are aware of their requirements to comply with regulations.

Coutts can advise you on the following:

ACCC prosecutions and investigations

Coutts provides adept counsel during Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) engagements, ensuring that businesses are prepared and well-represented in the face of potential legal actions or inquiries.

Franchising agreements and disclosures as required under the Franchising Code of Conduct

We offer expertise in drafting, reviewing, and ensuring franchising documents are in strict compliance with Australia’s regulatory standards, allowing businesses to operate with confidence and transparency.

Prosecuting misleading and deceptive conduct claims

Coutts stands firm in defending the integrity of businesses, ensuring that businesses are safeguarded from potential reputational harm.

Consumer protection issues under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

We provide guidance and support to businesses in navigating the intricacies of consumer rights, ensuring full compliance and fostering trust between businesses and their clientele.

How can Coutts help you?

Navigating the intricacies of consumer law can be challenging. Whether you’re facing ACCC investigations or need guidance on the Franchising Code of Conduct, the team at Coutts are here to assist. With a deep understanding of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and related legislations, we ensure that you stay compliant, informed, and protected.

Reach out to us today for tailored solutions and personalised advice on all your consumer law matters. Your legal success is our priority.

Ready to elevate your business to the next level? Dive into a partnership that prioritises your business’s success. Contact our expert team and discover how Coutts can redefine your Competition and Consumer Law experience.

What to Expect with Coutts Lawyers

Step 1: Initial Contact

Reach out to Coutts Lawyers via our website, phone, or in person. Briefly describe your matter.

Step 2: Consultation Appointment

Schedule and attend a meeting with a Coutts lawyer / Conveyancer to discuss the specifics of your matter and desired outcomes.

Step 3: Information & Legal Advice

Share all related documents and information. Your lawyer / Conveyancer will review everything, clarify aspects as needed, and then advise on the best action course.

Step 4: Action Plan Development

Based on the advice, an appropriate action plan will be formulated. This may involve communication, documentation processes, or further legal steps.

Step 5: Implementation

Execute the action plan, addressing a range of legal scenarios as necessary.

Step 6: Resolution & Closure

Navigate towards a resolution, with the path determined by the nature of the matter. Your Lawyer / Conveyancer will outline any final actions or considerations.

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Introducing Adriana

Your Compassionate Lawyer

Meet Adriana, The Managing Partner at Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers, and the head of our esteemed Property and Commercial Law teams. With over twenty years of expertise, Adriana’s profound experience has fostered unwavering trust among her clients and solidified her esteemed standing within the Macarthur community. Her stature as an authority in Property and Commercial law is well-established.

Adriana Care - Commercial Law Expert
Adriana Care - Commercial Law Expert

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Competition & Consumer Law FAQ’s

Competition and consumer law in Australia is a set of regulations and statutes that aim to promote fair competition and protect consumers. It applies to businesses by regulating areas such as misleading advertising, price fixing and consumer rights.

Australian competition and consumer law is primarily governed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and enforced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Key components include provisions on misleading and deceptive conduct, anti-competitive behaviour, unfair contract terms and consumer guarantees.

Business owners in Australia have the responsibility to ensure they do not engage in misleading conduct, use unfair contract terms, or breach consumer guarantees. To avoid legal issues, it’s essential to understand and comply with these obligations, have transparent pricing and advertising, and provide quality products or services.

Non-compliance with competition and consumer law can lead to penalties, fines and legal action. Penalties can vary depending on the nature and severity of the breach, but they can be significant, particularly for large businesses.

Australian consumers have rights and protections related to product quality, warranties, refunds, and protection against unfair contract terms and misleading advertising. Understanding and upholding these rights is essential for businesses when dealing with consumers.

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