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Commercial Lawyers Narellan

If you’re seeking an experienced Commercial Lawyer in Narellan, look no further than Coutts. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the complexities of commercial law, ensuring the smooth operation and legal compliance of your business. We prioritise providing personalised, comprehensive solutions tailored to address your specific commercial law needs with the highest level of care and attention to detail.

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At Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers Narellan, our Commercial and Business Contracts team takes pride in providing comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes. We offer expert legal advice to help draft and review commercial agreements to ensure they are robust and effective. We believe in offering clear and practical guidance, free of complicated legal jargon, to ensure our clients fully understand their legal obligations in any contract.

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The Services Our Narellan Lawyers Can Assist You with

Commercial and Business Contracts Narellan

Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements is a primary legal service that Coutts provides. Coutts Narellan Commercial Lawyers take pride in offering thorough and extensive legal advice to parties of commercial contracts to ensure their contracts are ‘watertight’. Contracts can contain complex legal jargon and Coutts ensures clients are aware of their legal obligations in any contract by providing advice that is easy to understand yet commercial.

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Corporations Lawyers Narellan

Our Narellan Commercial team can assist you and your company in a range of corporate compliance and governance matters including directors’ and officers’ duties and liabilities, shareholder rights, participation and communication, compliance with the Corporations Act and ASX disclosure requirements, ASIC and ASX complaints and investigations, financial reporting and continuous disclosure requirements.

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Intellectual Property Narellan

Providing and implementing legal solutions that assist the owners of intellectual property in making appropriate decisions to maximise the value of their innovations, brands and ideas. Our Narellan Lawyers can navigate through any intellectual property obstacles and advise on a number of matters.

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Intellectual Property
Restructuring & Insolvency Image

Restructuring and Insolvency Narellan

Businesses confronted by the financial crisis and needing assistance responding to increasing debt obligations may benefit from a corporate restructuring. Coutts Narellan Commercial Lawyers can guide business owners through these difficult times to reduce their debt and aid recovery while preserving the company’s operations and protecting valuable business assets.

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Competition and Consumer Law Narellan

Competition and Consumer Law in Australia governs the way in which businesses can trade, advertise and compete with one another. Our Narellan Commercial Lawyers ensure clients understand their obligations and options when providing goods and services and know their requirements to comply with regulations.

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Competition and Consumer Law
Franchising Retail and Distribution

Franchising, Retail and Distribution Narellan

Not only do we assist franchisors and franchisees, but we advise those involved in manufacturing, selling and financing products. Our lawyers understand the complex legislation and regulations that apply to franchisors/franchisees and can streamline the legal process involved. At Coutts Narellan, we take the time to understand your business and commercial objectives to provide you with the best advice in the franchise development process.

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Privacy and Data Protection Narellan

The collection and storage of personal information are in most cases governed by the Privacy Act. Our Narellan Commercial Lawyers can help organisations manage privacy issues and prepare for anticipated changes. Our practice covers the full range of data protection, privacy and associated matters including your legal obligations, compliance obligations, complaints for breaches of privacy, cyber security, data breaches and retention, and access to information requests.

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Privacy and Data Protection
Trusts Lawyers

Trusts Narellan

A trust can be a great way to protect your wealth. However, the process involved in setting up a trust can be complex. Coutts Commercial Lawyers can provide you with advice as to the right structure and can help you understand your taxation requirements to protect your future.

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Commercial Property Narellan

Commercial property requires swift advice and real attention to detail. The Narellan Commercial team can assist with the navigation of retail, industrial and commercial leasing, the management of property portfolios and property development.

Regardless of the nature of the transaction, Coutts will be able to assist in handling a full range of issues that might arise with your property transaction and will provide advice that is not only easy to understand but practical and commercial.

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Privacy and Data Protection
Mortgage & Guarantor Documents

Mortgage & Guarantor Documents Narellan

When it comes to mortgage and guarantor documents, you can rely on us for comprehensive support. Our Narellan Commercial team is experienced with the intricacies of these legal contracts.

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What to Expect with Coutts Lawyers

Step 1: Initial Contact

Reach out to Coutts Lawyers via our website, phone, or in person. Briefly describe your matter.

Step 2: Consultation Appointment

Schedule and attend a meeting with a Coutts lawyer to discuss the specifics of your matter and desired outcomes.

Step 3: Information & Legal Advice

Share all related documents and information. Your lawyer will review everything, clarify aspects as needed, and then advise on the best action course.

Step 4: Action Plan Development

Based on the advice, an appropriate action plan will be formulated. This may involve communication, documentation processes, or further legal steps.

Step 5: Implementation

Execute the action plan, addressing a range of legal scenarios as necessary.

Step 6: Resolution & Closure

Navigate towards a resolution, with the path determined by the nature of the matter. Your Lawyer will outline any final actions or considerations.

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Narellan Commercial Lawyers FAQs

There are a lot of legal requirements aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand, to ensure their business is well protected.

Coutts is part of a community of highly qualified professionals who can assist you in either starting, growing or changing your business structure.

Aside from being lawyers, Coutts can assist you in recommending and connecting you with the right people such as accountants, financial planners, tax and immigration advisors, insurance and finance brokers.

Buying or selling a business is a major transaction. A lawyer will be able to advise you on important legal issues to protect your interests and ensure the process runs smoothly. Engaging a lawyer for this work is always recommended.

Sometimes contracts need to be written. In general, though, a legally binding contract can be:

  • Oral
  • In writing
  • Partly oral and partly in writing
  • Made by people’s actions

A contract may be made up of several different documents, emails and conversations.

Most contracts are enforced in court. If the other party breaches the contract, you can go to court to try to collect damages or obtain ‘specific performance’. However, some contracts have other alternative dispute resolution clauses which include arbitration and/or mediation as the first point of call.

  • Be sure you have read and understood the entire contract. If you do not understand it, don’t sign it until you do understand it.
  • Be sure everyone signs & dates the contract
  • Contract pages should have the numbering “1 of xx pages”.
  • Be sure all warranties etc that are incorporated by reference are attached to the basic contract.
  • If the contract is a form contract, *all* entries must be filled out (if the space does not apply use “NA” etc).

The initial director or directors can appoint more directors in the future – as follows:

  1. The new director must be at least 18 years old.
  2. The new director must consent to their appointment before they are appointed.
  3. The current directors must appoint the new director by recording the appointment and signing the record.
  4. The company must then notify ASIC of the appointment by lodging an ASIC Form 484 within 28 days after the appointment. You can download the form from the ASIC website and lodge it with ASIC.

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