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License suspended due to low range Drink Driving

Lawyer-in-charge: Lara Menon

While driving home from work, our client was stopped by Police on the Hume Highway and requested he provides a roadside breath test. Following a positive result, our client was arrested and taken back to the closest station for a breath analysis. Our client’s blood alcohol content was measured at 0.054 and as a result, he was charged with low range drink driving and had his licence immediately suspended for 3 months. Lara successfully appealed the decision of NSW Police to suspend his licence, and the client elected to have the penalty notice heard in Court.

Lara appeared in the Local Court and requested that the Court deal with this matter by way of a Conditional Release Order without conviction for a period of 9 months. The Magistrate agreed and as a result, our client did not incur any further penalty and was able to continue to drive.

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