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First members of Camden’s economic task force board selected

Camden Council Media Release

Council has initiated a business task force to drive the economic development and commercial appeal of the area.

The Camden Region Economic Taskforce is being set up as an independent company run by a board of directors designed to include up to two Councillors, professional experts and business leaders.

The Camden area is one of the fastest growing in the country, with the population forecast to increase from the current 88,000 to almost 230,000 by 2036.

Within this timeframe, the area will attract significant government investment for major transport networks and road infrastructure to service the growing community.

“The transformation anticipated for our area within the next 20 years places us in a unique position to develop business opportunities and attract commercial investment,” said Mayor Lara Symkowiak.

“It’s important that we apply a strategic approach to economic development to maintain the character of each town centre and offer a diversity of products, services and experiences across the area,” Cr Symkowiak said.

“It is the intention of Council that this task force will bring together key local business leaders and experts to drive and facilitate the economic growth of the area through leadership, advocacy and coordination,” she said.

“The task force will focus on helping Council to deliver the right conditions to create jobs, attract investment and to support the growth of business and industry, now and into the future.”

Council has appointed accomplished local business owner and legal specialist, Adriana Care as the Independent Chairperson of the task force and nominated Cr Symkowiak and Cr Peter
Sidgreaves as its representatives and Directors on the board.

“We are very fortunate to have Ms Care as chairperson of the task force. Ms Care is a successful business owner with the proven skills and experience needed to be a passionate advocate for the economic development of our area,” she said.

Ms Care says she is excited about the appointment of Chair of the task force.

“I feel the area is in need of a strong business leadership group that is solely dedicated to actively lobbying businesses into the Camden LGA and formalise a plan for the economic growth of the area. To lead this taskforce is nothing short of an honour,”

Ms Care said. “It is my preliminary view that the objective of the task force is to progress the economic
development goals, policies and strategies by creating a comprehensive plan as well as any other goals for the Camden LGA,” she said.

“The task force will develop into a lead agency as an advisor on the implementation of economic development projects in the area, collaborate to develop an economic masterplan and any other pertinent documents and economic development initiatives and projects for the Camden LGA to roll out with key stakeholders in the area.”

The task force will soon be incorporated and the process of appointing further directors will then begin. When the entire board is formed, Council will work with the task force to create key
performance indicators that support the aims of the task force and Council.

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