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Tough Trailblazer Melina Costantino Promoted to Senior Licensed Conveyancer

Tough Trailblazer Melina Costantino Promoted to Senior Licensed Conveyancer

Melina Costantino still recalls the joy of helping a first home buyer save “over $12,000” when she was a Junior Licensed Conveyancer at Coutts. Fast forward 12 years, the formidable conveyancer has now been promoted to Senior Licensed Conveyancer, effective July 1st, 2022.

“Melina has been with me since I first established Coutts – she is tough, thorough and a trailblazer. I have watched her grow from a wide-eyed conveyancing student to a licensed conveyancer, who leaves no stone unturned to ensure her clients are placed in the best possible position,” Managing Partner, Adriana Care said.

“The conveyancing process can seem complex and daunting, but Melina has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in an accessible manner. Clients have always raved about how she keeps them highly well-informed from beginning to end – whether it be the critical stages or the minor details,” Adriana said.

Melina’s commitment to delivering exceptional service is reflected in her loyal clientele that continually refers new conveyancing clients to Coutts. This factor has significantly contributed to the Coutts Conveyancing and Property Law division’s meteoric growth, with revenue soaring by 32.3% this 21-22 FY.

“The right conveyancer can truly be life-changing,” said a couple, who are current conveyancing clients of Coutts. They witnessed firsthand how Melina’s advice propelled their land-purchasing ambitions in the right direction.

“I could have lost my $130,000 deposit and been in default of my contract if I had not gotten Melina’s advice. There were certain parts of our contract for purchase of unregistered land, which I did not understand – but Melina demonstrated just how pivotal they were to determine legal liability, house cost, and the overall suitability of the land to our needs. For instance, I didn’t know the unregistered land was in a bushfire zone and mine subsidence district, which would have substantially increased our building costs,” Melina’s clients said.

Tough Trailblazer Melina Costantino Promoted to Senior Licensed Conveyancer

Her clients were “so grateful” to understand the fine details of the contract and discover complex procedural requirements that “no one else” had told them because they were able to avoid significant financial and legal detriments. So much so, that they bought Melina a block of chocolate and profusely thanked her.

“It reminded me of why I do, what I do,” Melina said with a smile.

The team in charge of requesting client testimonials said the backend is “filled with glowing reviews from Melina’s clients”. In fact, many clients were so satisfied they “directly called Coutts raving about Melina’s services” and “one even demanded Melina be promoted.”

“I had the very good fortune to have Melina assisting with my conveyancing needs. Melina was absolutely wonderful in her manner and professionalism, and she was most reassuring given my lack of experience with selling a property. She communicated consistently along

the way and was very patient with my seeking reassurance with a few hiccups. I cannot speak highly enough of Melina. She is a credit to herself and an invaluable member of your team,” Melina’s client wrote to Coutts.

Another client stated that Melina’s excellent service inspired them to remain loyal clients: “All I can say is Melina is so efficient in her role. We have had the pleasure of dealing with her numerous times and wouldn’t use anyone else. So professional and caring. Coutts should be proud to have you on board.”

After 12 years at Coutts, Melina still feels excited about going to work every day – citing the firm’s supportive work culture, robust career opportunities and commitment to philanthropy, as decisive factors in her long-standing tenure.

“I started off as a conveyancing student doing work experience and Coutts allowed me to stay on board, progressing from the receptionist to the assistant to a licensed conveyancer and now the senior licensed conveyancer. It’s a testament to the supportive culture at Coutts. We’re honestly like a big family at Coutts! Everyone looks out for each other and offers help wherever they can; we’re always cheering each other on,” Melina said.

“Ultimately, I am inspired by Coutts’ dedication to making a positive difference in society. I’m grateful to work for a company that not only cares about their clients and employees but also supports the wider community through sponsorship and volunteer work,” Melina said.

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