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Melissa Care’s Meteoric Rise to the Head of Commercial Law and Litigation

Melissa Care’s Meteoric Rise to the Head of Commercial Law and Litigation

Melissa Care’s track record of winning difficult arguments dates back to her formative years.

Now, the Senior Associate’s masterful skills of persuasion have scored her yet another victory: Melissa has been promoted to Head of Commercial Law and Litigation, effective as of February 2023.

Melissa’s promotion comes just after 10 months of her first joining Coutts Lawyers. But the meteoric rise to the top of her department came as no surprise to anyone.

“We don’t promote people based on how long they have been at Coutts, but rather, we look at the results they have delivered. Melissa really inspired me with her capacity to think outside the box, dissect difficult cases and formulate simple strategies for very complex matters,” Adriana Care, Managing Partner said.

Melissa’s tenacious advocacy from the boardroom to the courtroom has seen her repeatedly achieve historic results in difficult cases. Her colleagues collectively remark that her commitment to every client is unparalleled. They note that Melissa immerses herself in every matter – amassing an extensive understanding of the relevant facts, context, and law to ensure she positions every case for victory.

“Melissa only has one goal in mind – winning. Whether it’s alternative dispute resolution or litigation, she weaves masterful arguments, and implements disruptive strategies to overcome devastating legal challenges across all industries,” Karena Nicholls, Partner, said.

Melissa Care Meteoric Rise to the Head of Commercial Law and Litigation

And the results speak for themselves: Melissa has scored successive legal triumphs for a diverse range of people/entities – including construction companies, homeowners, churches, local councils, people opposing local councils, teachers, accountants, financial planners, mechanics, and pre-schools.

Melissa’s technical legal prowess has not only gained her significant respect within Coutts, but she also cultivated a strong clientele – with many clients noting she is their lawyer of choice.

“Melissa provided very helpful advice, I will definitely be using her again!” a client of Melissa’s raved.

However, the admiration flowing from Coutts to Melissa goes both ways. She cites Coutts’ supportive environment, collegial culture, and commitment to client care as pivotal to ensuring she thrives at work.

“I love the supportive culture at Coutts, where everybody looks out for each other and lifts each other up. People are genuinely happy for others when they succeed,” Melissa said.

Traditional law firms are often seen as unwilling to accommodate employee’s individual needs. A heavy workload and a rigid working schedule have been the status quo, but Melissa says this ethos isn’t conducive to maximising an employee’s potential.

Melissa is proud that Coutts boldly champions policies that prioritise the team’s health and wellbeing. The flexible working policies at Coutts have enabled Melissa to seamlessly balance work and family – a possibility that she never thought would eventuate in the demanding field of law.

“Coutts is paving the way for change in the industry, being a leader in flexible working and women in business, proving you can have it all,” Melissa said.

Melissa may have risen to the Head of Commercial Law and Litigation, but she has also been trusted with decision making across broader aspects of the firm – a testament to the Partner’s trust in her leadership abilities.

Despite Melissa’s success, she remains humble and down to earth, and attributes her rapid progression to a combination of “hard work, determination, belief in yourself and a good sense of humor.”

She believes “anything is possible” and encourages people to persevere, exude confidence and put in significant effort to achieve their dreams.

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