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Successful negotiations result in pre-litigation settlement

Lawyer-in-charge: Melissa Care 

Our client had approached Coutts to recover compensation for the poor workmanship relating to the installation of flooring. Due to the price of the service and recommendation received, our client anticipated the works would be of high quality and standards. However, our client was left disappointed as the finished product was defective and fell below the industry quality standards. Despite allowing the company to rectify their workmanship, there were still visible defects in the flooring. Based on the advice provided from Melissa, our client engaged a governing body to assess and breakdown the cost the installer owed to our client. The governing body reported there would be a significant sum payable for the remediation works and damages sustained by our client. In light of this report, the client requested compensation for the unacceptable work provided.

Our office was able to quickly advise our client of their position and the breach in contract and the warranties owed to them by the other party. Additionally, we brought our client’s attention to their rights to recover compensation the cost of damages and remediation works in addition to the cost of the supply and installation. Our office entered into negotiations with the other parties solicitor and negotiated an outcome to this matter without needing to proceed to litigation. With Coutts’ help our client successfully recovered 97% of the total claim and saved significant legal fees which would have incurred had they proceeded this matter in court or NCAT.

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