Elyse Strahan


Professional Biography

Elyse is currently studying at the University of New South Wales whilst working as a Paralegal at Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers. She hopes one day to work as a practicing lawyer.

She graduated from Elizabeth Macarthur High School in 2015 where she was awarded DUX of her year as well as a scholarship to attend the University of New South Wales. Elyse lives locally and volunteers her time at a primary school to teach students Debating.

Elyse is currently working in the Narellan office assisting Allyce Silm. In her role as a paralegal assisting Allyce, she has helped to develop interstate property law practices within the firm.

In her role at Coutts, Elyse prides herself on her communication and time management skills.

Tasks and Duties:
  • Liaising with clients on their matters;
  • Drafting documents in relation to interstate conveyancing;
  • Drafting Unfair Dismissal Applications;
  • Drafting Statements of Claims for the Local Court of New South Wales;
  • Drafting Letters of Offer in Commercial Litigation matters;
  • Drafting Letters of Demand in Employment Law matters;
  • Drafting estate documents including Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship; and
  • Taking initial enquiries and directing clients towards the most suitable lawyer for their situation.
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Professional Qualifications
  • Studying Bachelor of Laws, University of New South Wales;
  • Studying Bachelor of Psychological Science, University of New South Wales; and
  • Justice of the Peace.
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