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Racing Against Time: Melina saves the day!

Conveyancer-in-charge: Melina Costantino

Melina’s client was acquiring 100% of a property he owned with his ex-partner, pursuant to terms set out in sealed court orders. The court orders provided for a certain date that the transfer into Melina’s clients sole name must be completed by or else the property would have to be sold. Due to the Christmas closure period, the sealed court orders didn’t reach our office until 2023 but had been dated 2022.

This meant Melina’s client had little to no time to organise a new loan and settle the transfer of the property into his sole name. Melina was able to negotiate an extension to the deadline. Melina was also able to liaise with and push the bank to settle 1 week before that extended deadline had been reached. Getting the extension in the first place took away a lot of stress from Melina’s client who was otherwise going to have to put the property on the market. Settling well-before the extended date provided him with even more relief knowing it was finalised ahead of the time he initially thought it might take.

Despite all of this and to make matters worse, the legal representative for the ex-partner was on annual leave when we were ready to settle. Melina was able to liaise with others from that firm, brief them on the matter, provide them with all the documentation they needed and explain the situation so that the settlement could take place as soon as we were ready to do so, despite their initial resistance to settle the matter without the legal representative who was on leave.

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