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Licensed Conveyancers & Solicitors – The Basics!

As a Licensed Conveyancer, I act on property transactions day in and day out but I always try to remember that the people I help are not necessarily people who do this sort of thing all the time. Sometimes they are first home buyers and other times they are people who just haven’t bought or sold in years. Because of this, I find it’s so important to get back to basics and give simple answers to common questions, none of this legal jargon. So in saying that…

What is a Licensed Conveyancer?

A Licensed Conveyancer is a legal professional who facilitates the legal process of buying or selling for you.

What is the difference between a Licensed Conveyancer and a Solicitor?

A question I get a lot is whether a Licensed Conveyancer is the same as a Solicitor. The short answer is no. In saying this, when buying and selling, a Licensed Conveyancer provides the exact same service that a Solicitor would.

The key difference is that a Licensed Conveyancer only practices in the area of Property Law and a Solicitor is qualified to practice in other areas of law.

Both Licensed Conveyancers and Solicitors are qualified and regulated professionals who can act for you in relation to your property transaction.

Another question I get is ‘If I instruct a Licensed Conveyancer, do I still need a Solicitor?’. The answer to this is also no. You can instruct a Licensed Conveyancer or a Solicitor to act on your property transaction. If you instruct a Licensed Conveyancer you don’t also then need to instruct a Solicitor.

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