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Land Registry Services Offer Support to NSW Property Owners Affected by the Recent Floods

Land Registry Services offer support to NSW property owners affected by the recent floods


  • Title searches and plan images will be available for free to NSW property owners affected by flooding
  • Title searches and plan images will assist property owners with insurance claims and development applications to Council

New South Wales, amongst other states across the country, has recently been experienced devasting flooding resulting in belongings, homes and lives being lost.

As an extension of the support being provided by the NSW Government, the NSW Land Registry Services will make title searches and plan images free to owners of property who have been affected by flooding.

Title searches reveal the land ownership whilst plan images show the boundaries, easements and area of the land. The cost to obtain this land property information is otherwise around $34.00 and typically not sourced directly from Land Registry Searches but from authorised information brokers.

This land property information may assist homeowners with:

  • insurance claims;
  • development applications to the council; and/or
  • providing peace of mind in relation to land ownership.

To access the land and property information for free, homeowners who have been affected by the floods can contact NSW Land Registry Services on 02 8776 3575.


Melina Costantino


Melina has over 9 years of experience as a Licensed Conveyancer, acting for client matters involving; purchase and sale of residential and commercial property, Retirement Village Contracts, Put & Call Options, Call Options, and Family Transfers. She is passionate about helping a wide range of clients across all aspects of the buying and selling process and ensuring that her clients meet all their legal obligations.

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