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Buying Property Without
Viewing It

Buying Property Without Viewing It


  • What should a purchaser check before buying a property that they have not viewed or inspected physically?
  • Is the area going to be satisfactory for the purchasers’ needs?
  • What type of services are available?

At times, it is not possible for a purchaser to inspect a property prior to making an offer on it.  Here are some tips on what should be looked into before locking in a purchase where the property has not been viewed physically.

A prospective purchaser of a property should have the opportunity to arrange the following inspections before submitting an offer (or before the expiration of a cooling off period if the Contracts have already been entered into):

  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspection
  • Pre-purchase Building Inspection
  • Survey Report
  • Council approvals
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection

The Pest & Building Inspections should always be completed to ensure that there are no hidden problems with the property. However, when the property cannot be viewed by the purchaser, these inspections will need to be obtained so you can rely on them. The purchaser will also be able to discuss any issues with the Inspectors direct to determine if there are major/minor issues arising as a result of such inspection.

It is always a good idea to see if the Agent can take you on a virtual tour of the property with the Agent being present at the time (as opposed to the virtual presentations shown on the Real Estate’s website).  This will give you a feel of the property and sizes of rooms.

Take the time to investigate the location of the property, especially if you have not been to the area before or are buying interstate.  Know what services are available – what distance there is to public transport, hospitals, schools and shopping centres.  These may be a defining factor as to whether the property is an attractive prospect to live or invest in.

There are always going to be risks involved when purchasing property that has not been seen, however the more research and inspections completed prior to making an offer will benefit the purchaser in the long run.

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