Australian citizenship is the final step for any applicant looking to live in Australia permanently as an Australian. The most common path to Australian Citizenship is through becoming an Australian Permanent Resident and satisfying the residency requirements. To satisfy the residency requirement, a permanent resident must have been living in Australia for at least four years, holding Permanent Resident Status the year immediately before applying. The Australian Permanent Resident must not have left Australia for a time totaling more than 365 days, in the 4-year period before the application is made.

There are other avenues to qualify for Australian Citizenship these include, if an Applicant:

  • was born overseas to a former Australian Citizen;

  • arrived under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme;

  • lost Australian Citizenship and wants to resume Australian Citizenship;

  • is a child who is a non-Australian Citizen adopted by an Australian Citizen over 18 years old;

  • is a child who was born overseas but has at least 1 Australian Citizen parent; or

  • is a Refugee and Humanitarian entrant.