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After reviewing your responses to our prerequisite questions, it appears that your will may have complexities that require expert legal assistance.

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You can schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning Lawyer through our website. They will assess your unique situation and provide you with the necessary guidance to create a will that meets your needs.

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Complex family dynamics, specific gifting, disinheriting individuals, and multiple charitable donations can be legally intricate. We strongly recommend consulting with a qualified lawyer who can provide personalised guidance and ensure your wishes are accurately reflected in your will.

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In terms of Will complexities, tick any of the below that applies to you

Complex Family Dynamics: If you have complex family dynamics, such as blended families or foster children, your will may need to address intricate issues related to the fair distribution of assets and guardianship arrangements. These matters can be legally complicated, and specialised provisions may be necessary to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected.

Multiple Specific Gifts: When you intend to specify multiple items to be gifted to different individuals, your will can become more intricate. Determining who receives what, providing detailed descriptions of items, and addressing potential conflicts among beneficiaries may require legal expertise to ensure that your wishes are carried out precisely.

Disinheritance of Contesting Parties: Should you plan to disinherit individuals who may contest your will, it’s essential to recognise that this process can involve legal complexities. Following proper legal procedures and providing clear justifications for disinheritance are essential steps to minimise the risk of legal challenges in the future.

Multiple Charitable Donations: If your will includes multiple charitable donations, it may require specific legal arrangements. This can encompass setting up charitable trusts, specifying donation amounts, and ensuring compliance with tax laws, all of which can be intricate and necessitate professional guidance to ensure your charitable intentions are met effectively.

In these situations, it is advisable to consider consulting with a qualified Lawyer and engaging in traditional will drafting services. Coutts’ online will service is a valuable resource for more straightforward wills, but for cases involving these complexities, seeking traditional will drafting services is a prudent choice to safeguard your estate planning goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coutts Wills

At Coutts, we understand that creating a Will can be a complex and overwhelming process. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our Wills service to help you understand how it works and what you can expect

Absolutely, Coutts provides secure storage for your will at no additional cost, ensuring its safety.

Yes, Coutts Will & Estates Team are experts in tailoring wills to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Yes, you have the option to meet with Coutts’ lawyers through convenient video conferencing, allowing for flexible and accessible consultations.

Yes, Coutts extends a discounted rate for wills to seniors. All you need is a valid Seniors card to take advantage of this offer.


Coutts brings a personal approach to the law. We will sit down, listen, and understand your situation on an individual basis. Coutts provides the peace of mind and confidence you need in a trusted lawyer.


The Coutts team will go the extra mile to keep you informed during every step of your legal process. Coutts understands the importance of up to date communication and foresight in the legal world and we put our clients first to keep them empowered and confident.


Coutts will talk your language, keep you informed and always be available to go the extra mile to get the results you are looking for.

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