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The alleged ‘Mushroom Murder’ Saga: Everything you need to know

The alleged ‘Mushroom Murder’ Saga: Everything you need to know

Co-authored by: Isabel Strahan


  • Erin Patterson has been charged with three counts of murder and five counts of manslaughter.
  • She allegedly murdered the victims via mushroom poisoning at a lunch on 29 July 2023.
  • There is a heavy media involvement with this case which may influence the way it is heard in Court.
  • Ms Patterson is being held on remand and has not made a bail application. The matter is next listed in May 2024.

Erin Patterson has been charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder following a lunch at her home. Patterson had invited over her ex-in-laws, Don and Gail Patterson, Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson, and Gail’s husband Ian, to enjoy a home cooked meal that ended in disaster. Her ex-husband was also invited to the lunch but was unable to attend.

Patterson has been accused of lacing the beef Wellington with poisonous mushrooms which killed Don, Gail and Heather and left the other attendees seriously unwell. The Police have alleged that the symptoms of the victims were consistent with mushroom poisoning and noted that the event took place after there was an advisory warning released to not forage or consume wild mushrooms unless you had the expertise to do so.

Patterson maintains her innocence and states that she prepared the meal using fresh mushrooms from the local supermarket and dried mushrooms from an Asian grocer in Melbourne. Ms Patterson also consumed the beef Wellington and was hospitalised however, quickly recovered from the illness.

Police note that following Ms Patterson’s lunch, she disposed of a food dehydrator at a local skip which has been recovered as evidence in the case.

Court documents that have recently been released to the media suggest that Ms Patterson had attempted to murder her former partner four times prior to the lunch between November of 2021 and July of 2023.

Media Involvement in Mushroom Murder Case

The justice system and the media often interact in various capacities however, the coverage of the alleged ‘mushroom murders’ has been relentless and brought the media limelight to the small rule town in Victoria. As a result, the investigation of the alleged murder has been under intense public scrutiny.

A potential danger with the media coverage that is experienced in high profile cases is that it may negatively influence the fairness of the trial. Due to the public heavily relying on the media to convey information, the information that is published may influence the public’s attitude towards the accused before they have even entered the courtroom. Therefore, media scrutiny may jeopardise the foundational pillar of the criminal justice system being that the accused is innocent until proven otherwise.

It must be noted that jurors must remain independent and unbiased. However, given the wide range of sources available covering the infamous ‘death cap murders’, jurors may be inclined to research details of the trial that have not been provided within the courtroom. This may influence their decision-making as their deliberation may be based on evidence that has been intentionally excluded from the trial for various legal reasons. In these instances, jurors may receive a direction that they are to try to suppress any information that has been acquired prior to the trial and be conscious of how this information may influence their deliberation.

It is important to note that the role of the juror is not to be present for legal arguments, i.e., whether certain evidence should or should not be adduced, but rather to acknowledge the evidence that is put forward and deliberate according to that evidence.

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The Next Step for Mushroom Lady Ms Patterson

As of the date of writing this article, there has been no application for bail, and Ms Patterson remains remanded in custody. She is scheduled to return to Court in May 2024. The case’s progress will likely be closely monitored, given the high-profile nature of the allegations and the intense media scrutiny it has attracted.

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Key Questions Answered: Understanding the Erin Patterson Case

  1. What charges has Erin Patterson been accused of?

Erin Patterson has been charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. These charges stem from an incident where she allegedly poisoned a meal with mushrooms, leading to the deaths and illness of several individuals, as well as historical attempts to poison her ex-husband.

  1. How did the alleged mushroom poisoning occur?

According to the police, Patterson is accused of lacing a beef Wellington with poisonous mushrooms during a lunch at her home, leading to the deaths of three people and the serious illness of others. It is alleged that she has attempted to poison her ex-husband on multiple occasions prior to this fateful lunch.

  1. What is the significance of media involvement in this case?

The extensive media coverage of the ‘mushroom murders’ has brought significant public attention to the case. There is concern that this could influence public opinion and potentially impact the fairness of the trial.

  1. Has Erin Patterson made a bail application?

As of the latest updates, Ms. Patterson has not made a bail application and remains in custody. The matter is next listed in court in May 2024.

  1. Why is the Erin Patterson case attracting so much attention?

The case has garnered significant media interest due to the unusual nature of the alleged crime (mushroom poisoning) and it’s tragic consequences, alongside Patterson’s previous attempts to harm her former partner.

  1. How does media coverage affect such criminal cases?

Media coverage can shape public perception and potentially influence the impartiality of a jury. In high-profile cases like this, there’s a risk that media narratives could impact the fundamental principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

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