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That 70s Show’ Star Danny Masterson Sentenced to 30 Years

Danny Masterson sentenced to 30 years

Co-authored by: Grace Jolly


  • Danny Masterson is a well-known and prominent actor, known for his role in ‘That 70s Show’. He is now facing allegations of rape from three women in his Hollywood home in early 2000s, at the peak of his television career.
  • He has been convicted of rape for two of the three charges after a re-trial due to the first jury failing to come to a verdict.
  • The victims were also members of the Church of Scientology at the time of the assaults, sharing the long-lasting consequences and harassment from within the organisation.

The Charges:

  • Danny Masterson has been accused of sexually assaulting 3 women in the early 2000s, during the peak of his fame. Testimonies given in the court said he gave the women drugs before proceeding to assault them.

The Conviction:

Masterson was found guilty of rape against two of the three women. This conviction came after a re-trial when a 2022 jury could not reach a decision.

Masterson was first accused of rape in 2017 which he denied and said all encounters were consensual. After a three-year investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, prosecutors decided not to file charges in two more cases due to insufficient evidence and the statute of limitations having expired.

Masterson remained quiet throughout the hearing, as the court heard from his victims with one saying, “I wished I had reported him earlier to the police”, and the other stating “I forgive you. Your sickness is no longer mine to bear”.

Accusations were also made towards the Church of Scientology, saying they allowed Masterson to use his status to avoid accountability all this time and that the organisation helped cover up the assaults. At the time of the assaults, all three victims and Masterson were Scientologists. The women claim it took them years to come forward about the rape because the Church of Scientology discouraged reporting it. Prosecutors claim that one survivor was told she would lose her membership within the community unless a non-disclosure agreement was signed and a payment of $400,000 was accepted. All these claims have been denied by the Church of Scientology stating there is no “evidence supporting the scandalous allegations”.

Masterson has been sentenced to a 30 year term of imprisonment. He has since appealed the conviction, with the appeal yet to be heard. However, his application to be released pending the appeal was denied as he was considered a significant flight risk given the breakdown of his marriage. Masterson remains in prison until his appeal is heard.

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