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Rewarding Safe Drivers with NSW’s New Demerit Point Initiative

Rewarding Safe Drivers with NSW's New Demerit Point Initiative

Co-authored by: Isabel Strahan


  • From April 2024, New South Wales drivers will be able to lose one demerit point from their record if they do not obtain any driving offences for a year.
  • This applies to unrestricted motorists who have incurred points from previous offences, however, remain offence free from January 17, 2023.
  • The aim of this initiative is to reward safe drivers sooner.

The NSW Government has fast tracked a new trial initiative to reward safe drivers sooner. This program was announced as part of their 2023 election campaign and has been accelerated to apply to drivers with good behaviour from January 17, 2023. NSW Premier Chris Minns, the appointed leader of the NSW State Government, commented on this initiative, stating “It’s time we put safety back at the centre of our road rules, not revenue raising.”

The initiative intends on “reducing the road toll and rewarding safe driving across the state is the aim of this trial and we hope it gives drivers that little bit of extra incentive to achieve a spotless record.”

The Minister for Roads, John Graham said “Drivers in NSW are very much used to the stick approach, so this demerit trial is an important carrot for them to maintain a clean record over a 12-month period to the benefit of all motorists, pedestrians, and communities.”

To be eligible, drivers must remain offence free for a period of one year from January 17, 2023, to January 17, 2024. If they succeed and do not retain any new driving offences, then from April 2024 drivers will be able to see the removal of one demerit point from their licence.

However, this program only applies to drivers with an unrestricted or professional licence. It does not apply to those with a provisional P1 or P2 licence, or a learner licence, as they are subject to strict rules under the Graduated Licencing Scheme.

This new program differs from the current rules regarding demerit points, where they are deemed invalid after 3 years from the date they were applied to a motorist’s licence.

This is a trial initiative that encourages motorists to make NSW roads a safer place and thus reduce the road toll. If it succeeds, it will benefit motorists, pedestrians, and the wider community.

We need everyone to work together to create a safer driving environment and ultimately push road trauma to zero.”

Need Assistance with Driving Offences?

At Coutts, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean driving record and the implications of demerit points. With the introduction of this new trial initiative to reward safe drivers, it’s essential to be informed and understand your rights.

If you find yourself facing driving offences or require guidance on how this new system may impact you, our team is here to help. Navigate the ever-evolving road rules and regulations with confidence alongside Coutts. Reach out to our expert legal team today at 1300 268 887. Your safety and legal standing on the road are our top priority.


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