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Inspiring and Dedicated Solicitor Lara Menon Promoted to Head of Department in Criminal Law

Lara Menon joined the Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers team in August of 2018. She swiftly climbed the ranks from Paralegal, Law Graduate, Lawyer, Senior Lawyer, and Senior Associate to our new Head of Department in Criminal Law.

Lara’s unprecedented success does not come as a surprise to those that know the dedication that Lara has to her clients and to the justice system.

Lara has often stated that the reason that she has a passion for Criminal Law is her commitment to ‘help people in the worst times of their lives’. However, her team at Coutts believe it is her strong moral and ethical compass which has aided her success.

Her reputation in the local community is a true testament to her hard work and her love of the law. She has a talent for identifying the underlying causes of a client’s legal issues and can provide solutions that ensures that the client never appears before the Courts again. Her empathetic and sensitive approach allows her to build a rapport with her clients that eases their concerns.

Inspiring and Dedicated Solicitor Lara Menon Promoted to Head of Department

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Lara is incredibly dedicated to strengthening community relationships and mentoring young people in relation to their rights, freedoms, and potential career opportunities within the legal profession. This has been exemplified in her facilitation of a local high school program that involves youth involvement and practical education with senior students.

Lara holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of New England and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law which she completed whilst working part-time and caring for her school-aged children.

Lara is a true inspiration to her team, family and to the wider community. As a strong force in the legal profession she provides consistent care, clarity, and communication to all her clients.

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