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How Covid-19 has affected me as a young adult

There is no denying that we are all going through a hard time given the current Covid-19 crisis and the isolation rules in place, BUT it’s not all bad! Take this time as an opportunity to make the best of a bad situation, why not take this time to start saving for your first home!

Just like all of you, my life and my future plans have been affected by Covid-19. In my case, I am still coming to terms with not being able to socialise with friends, enjoying a night out with my partner, not being able to play sports and hardest of all having to replan my wedding all while trying to keep sane whilst self-isolating.

I am lucky enough that Coutts was able to remain operational during this hard time, with our offices open with minimum staff and the professionals working from home. I am currently working from home and whilst it has its challenges, I find myself extremely lucky I am one of those people who can remain working.

Going from working with 20+ people in an office to working remotely in a house on my own was definitely a shock, however Coutts have come up with ways to keep connected during this time and I am so thankful for that. I believe touching base with your colleagues or friends even just for just 10 minutes can have a huge impact on your mental health and giving yourself a daily routine is a must!

There are many struggles for all, for me personally I have had to reschedule my wedding which was due to happen in October 2020. My plans to purchase my first house have also been delayed amongst other things, however I refuse to fall into a negative mindset and instead I’m thinking of all the positives.

For me, my positives are that now I have more time to save for my wedding and more time to plan the perfect day meanwhile also putting aside that bit extra to go towards a house!

To all those people out there who are looking to get into the market, I say take this opportunity whilst we are stuck inside to SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Why not look at this situation as a time to realise how much you can actually save by not going out every weekend, doing weekly shops and meal prepping etc. If you are one of the lucky ones who is still able to work and receive an income, I encourage you to open an account, start putting money aside and once we get out of this crisis you may just have enough for a house deposit or for something else you have been dreaming of. SEE THE SILVER LINING!

My top 5 tips to staying connected and keeping a healthy mind:

  1. daily facetime, zoom etc with a friend
  2. keeping a routine so you are keeping everything as normal as possible
  3. daily morning catch ups with your team
  4. diarise items you can do with your team, daily exercise, or sharing resources
  5. set up a weekly time out with your work colleagues or friends and agree not to talk about COVID-19 or work and try and keep the topic different and entertaining.

My Top 5 tips to saving:

  1. set a goal for what you are saving for, a house, a car, a household item etc
  2. communicate your goal i.e. put it on a vision a board, write it down and put it on your home office wall or the kitchen
  3. review your expenses and set a realistic goal of how much a week you will save i.e. petrol, car maintenance or travelling costs to work and entertainment
  4. create a separate account to make it your savings account, there are some banks that reward you with bonus interest if you deposit x dollar per month into that nominated account
  5. set up a short-term reward system for making those savings i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.

Whether it be in months or if you are looking to purchase or sell now, please contact me and I will help you through this process.





Christine is a licensed conveyancer and Justice of the Peace at Coutts’ Narellan office. She is highly efficient and is able to assist clients with matters concerning; the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property, retirement village contracts, put & call options and family transfers.

Christine communicates clearly with her clients, thoroughly walking them through every stage of the buying and selling process to ensure that their experience is as stress-free as possible. She also makes a point of being available to her clients, when they need her, throughout the entirety of their matter.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact:

Christine Johnsen
Licensed Conveyancer & JP
1300 268 887

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