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Are you aware of your rights when purchasing a new car?

Are you Aware of your rights?

A recent ACCC market study into the new car retailing industry shone a light on the fact that consumers are not adequately aware of their automatic rights under the Australian Consumer Law when purchasing a new car. In response to this, the ACCC has published the “Just bought a new car?” fact sheet.

This fact sheet outlines guarantees that all consumers that purchase a new car are entitled to, including the remedies that are available to a consumer in the event their new car is faulty or experiences a failure. Car failures are categorised in the fact sheet between “major failures” and “minor failures” and describe the types of remedies available to consumers based on these two categories.

Consumers can expect to receive this new fact sheet from new car dealers when purchasing a new car.

This fact sheet will also be useful for new car dealerships and their employees as a way to become more informed as to their obligations owed to their consumers under Australian Consumer Law.

The “Just bought a new car” fact sheet can be found here.

If you have any issues with your new car, we are here to help. Additionally, if you are a car dealership, we can advise on recommended practices compliant with the Australian Consumer Law.

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