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Morrison government announced $220 million in the new 2020/2021 budget to be dedicated to family law and family relationship services

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Co-written by: Celeste Picaud (Paralegal)


  • 220 million overall to support the delivery of the critical frontline services for families
  • Out of the 220 million, $87.3 million will go towards Family Law and Family relationship services
  • The other $133 million will go towards family and child support programs.
  • Morrison Government announced that this money is to continue guaranteeing essential services at a time when Australians need them most.

On Tuesday, 6 October 2020, the Morrison government announced that there would be significant funding going towards the family law and family relationship services across Australia throughout the 2020-2021 budget. The Attorney- General stated  “Legal fees associated with protracted court action can rapidly eat away at the funds parents need to restart their lives after a separation, so it makes good sense to assist them to settle matters amicably wherever possible,”.

The 2020-2021 budget announced that $220 million will be provided to support the frontline services. Out of the $220 million, Treasurer John Frydenberg announced, $87.3 million will go towards Family Law and Family Relationship services and $133 million will go towards family and child support programs.

An additional $10.2 million will be provided to the family and Federal Circuit Courts to help manage with the impacts of COVID-19.  $2.5 million was granted to allow for the federal family courts to continue to hear urgent matters through a specialist COVID-19 list. Federal family violence orders (FFVOs) were also granted $1.8 million enable criminally enforceable FFVOs to be implemented.  $4.8 million was allocated in the Family Violence and Cross – examination of Parties scheme. $37.5 million was granted for additional resources and judges of the Federal Circuit Court (FCC). This money assists in ensuring timely case hearings for mitigation and family law cases.

The Morrison government stated that they seek to guarantee the essential services Australians rely on. This subsequently means that the money throughout the budget continues to guarantee essential services at a time when Australians need them most.


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