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Changes to Sexual Assault Laws and the Definition of Consent

Sexual Assault Laws


  • There will be changes to Sexual Assault laws in NSW whereby consent will only be given if the other party says or does something to communicate consent.
  • The Accused will have to prove they have said or done something reasonably in the circumstances to ascertain consent.
  • The new laws could see the accused found guilty unless they have taken positive measures to obtain consent.

After the NSW Law Reform Commission’s reevaluation of the definition of consent in sexual assault offences in November 2020, 44 recommendations have been made and there are ongoing discussions regarding changes that will be made to sexual assault laws in NSW. Of the 44 recommendations, the Government is adopting or adopting in principle, all recommendations. One of the changes being introduced is an ‘affirmative consent model’.

Under the new model, for consent to be provided, the other party needs to say or do something positive to communicate consent and the accused will need to prove that they have said or done something reasonable in the circumstances to ascertain consent and to overcome the ‘reasonable grounds’ test. If they cannot prove that they have taken reasonable measures to obtain consent, then they can be found guilty of charges relating to sexual assault.

Under the new Laws, the following will also apply:

  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time;
  • Consent to one sexual activity does not consent to any other sexual activity; and
  • Self-intoxication of the accused is not an excuse for failing to take reasonable steps in forming a reasonable belief that consent was provided.

Currently, it is estimated that only 3 per cent of sexual assault matters result in a conviction against the accused person.

This news comes after Jarryd Hayne, a professional footballer was found guilty after trial of sexual assault. One of the main issues in Jarryd Hayne’s trial was the issue of consent. Further, this news comes after NRL player Jack De Belin was found not guilty of one of six charges relating to an alleged sexual assault of a woman in Wollongong. The jury was hung about the other five charges for the second time. A decision will be made shortly concerning whether Jack De Belin will stand trial for the third time to the balance of the charges.

We will provide further updates about the changes to sexual assault laws as information is released.


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