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Welcoming A New Era Of Senior Associates



It is an honour to announce that Luisa Gaetani, senior lawyer and head of Coutts’ family and criminal law division, has recently been promoted to Senior Associate, effective as at 6th January 2020. Luisa has been with Coutts Lawyers and Conveyancers since 2016, where she was engaged to further develop and build Coutts’ growing family and criminal practice. Luisa’s interest has always been to practice in family and criminal law after realising the imbalance of justice in the world at a very young age and with the growing desire to correct this scale and be a voice to those people who are going through these difficult, and often distressing times. Luisa’s compassion shines as she goes on to state that, “Sometimes people just need to know that there is someone who is impartial to them and on their side”.

Managing Partner of Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers, Adriana Care, is a strong advocate for endorsing on merit and not on the age of the person or years in a firm, “Over the last 3 years, I have had the pleasure in watching Luisa grow from strength to strength, both professionally and personally. Not only is she committed to helping her clients, but she is a mentor and leader to her team, which consists of junior lawyers, law graduates and paralegals. As Managing Partner, my biggest accomplishment and achievement is seeing the success of my staff. Luisa is a true value to our firm, and this promotion is very well deserved and earnt.”

Commenting on her new role, Luisa says, “I am truly grateful for this opportunity. More so, I am grateful to work in a firm that truly values and appreciates the efforts of their staff. I look forward to what the future brings in terms of Coutts as a whole and in our family and criminal law division.’

About our Family and Criminal Law Division

Coutts family and criminal law division represent a broad range of clients from many different family dynamics and walks of life including; business owners, individuals with complex property and assets structures, as well as, those who have been accused of committing serious offences such as fraud, armed robbery, serious drug offences and defending minors on criminal charges.

Our family law team understand the emotional, mental and financial strain the breakdown of a family unit has on an individual. Coutts provide legal advice in all areas of family law including; property settlements, divorce settlements, all types of parenting matters and the drafting of binding financial agreements and binding child support agreements.

Similarly, we understand that being charged with a criminal offence is a stressful and confronting time and has the potential to detrimentally effect all aspects of a person’s life. We believe that everyone is entitle to justice and as such our experience criminal lawyers are able to provide legal representation in all areas of criminal law including; Drug related offences, Sexual Offences, Assault Offences, Traffic Offences, Criminal Damage, Money or Property Laundering, Insider Trading, Fraud, Corruption and Bribery, Breach of Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO), Breach of Bail, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct, Murder and Manslaughter offences, Extortion, Stalking and Kidnapping offences, Arson, Firearms and prohibited weapons offences, Theft, Breaking and entering and Robbery.

To assist anyone who has been in trouble with the police and requires immediate legal advice or representation, Luisa can be contacted on our criminal law hotline for immediate assistance on 02 8324 7527.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact:
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