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Moving House under the Covid-19 Isolation Rules

We are all aware of what the world is going through right now due to the Covid-19 crisis and what restrictions are in place to avoid the spread of the virus, however how does this affect you moving house if you are bound to a Contract for Sale?

Below we discuss what is possible during isolation covered by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 under the Public Health Act 2010.

As per the Ministers advice, we are all isolating ourselves indoors to stop the spread of the virus, however what does this mean for someone who is bound to a Contract and is due to move house?

Moving house can be stressful as it is, let alone the added stress with the unknown of the current crisis. The current laws in place restrict gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons. Moving is a big task and takes multiple people including removalist to get the job done, so what does this mean for you!?

Despite the current restrictions in place by the Government, selling and buying property is still possible. Even in the current crisis, more than ever now is the best time to get into the market as banks are offering low interest rates and there are so many great schemes available to First Home Buyers.

If you are worried about the restrictions affecting you being able to view properties or having potential purchasers not being able to view your property, I suggest making contact with the Real Estate Agents so they can advise of all the great options they have available to enable this to happen.

So many Agencies have virtual tours of properties available on their websites and one on one private inspections available.

As per the Public Health Order 2020 [NSW] the restriction of gathering in public places does not apply to facilitate a move to a new place of residence and further to this, as of Friday 1 May 2020 the NSW Government has advised that up to two adults and their independent children will be allowed to visit another household.

Thankfully, if you are due to move houses, looking to buy or sell, you are able to do so given the above advice, however with the above said, following the Governments advice to help stop the spread, we still strongly advise to keep your social distance and practice good hygiene.




Christine is a licensed conveyancer and Justice of the Peace at Coutts’ Narellan office. She is highly efficient and is able to assist clients with matters concerning; the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property, retirement village contracts, put & call options and family transfers.

Christine communicates clearly with her clients, thoroughly walking them through every stage of the buying and selling process to ensure that their experience is as stress free as possible. She also makes a point of being available to her clients, when they need her, throughout the entirety of their matter.

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