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Outer Sydney Orbital Stage 2 – Western Sydney to the Illawarra Region

Outer Sydney Orbital Stage 2 – Western Sydney to the Illawarra Region

Transport for NSW is currently investigating transport corridors from Western Sydney to the Illawarra-Shoalhaven area. These corridors will assist with the traffic flow from the Western Sydney Airport to these regions.

The corridor will initially begin by connecting the Hume Highway to Appin Road, upgrading Appin & Picton Roads to Wollongong through the Illawarra Escarpment with an option for new connections crossing in the Escarpment area.

There were a couple of corridor options for the Hume Highway to Appin Road connection, with the proposed ‘Blue’ option being the favoured option.  The ‘Blue’ option will bypass the main township of Appin and takes into consideration the environmental issues that may be affected, such as Koala Habitat Protection areas, Aboriginal cultural sites and Sydney Water Drinking Catchment areas.   Minimal impact to these areas is also examined as part of the proposal.

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At this stage, no changes to land zonings or development planning controls are expected, however, this may be revised upon consultation with other Government authorities.

Land may need to be acquired by Transport for NSW, however, this will not be determined until all factors have been considered and the final outcome revealed.

Details of how this may affect your property are available on the Transport for NSW website here.

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