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Transitioning to NSW LRS Connect: Replacing ePlan by July 31, 2023

NSW LRS Connect to replace ePlan on 31 July 2023


  • ePlan will be migrating to NSW LRS Connect as the way to lodge plans with NSW Land Registry Services.
  • On 31 July 2023, NSW LRS Connect will go live and ePlan will no longer be available for plan lodgement services.

What is LRS Connect?

LRS Connect will be replacing the current ePlan system used to lodge and register plans in New South Wales. The new LRS Connect will have the following features:

  • Enhanced functionality including self-service sign up, organisation linking processes and lodgement/re-lodgement of plans as well as digital tools.
  • The Plan Workspace has been enhanced to accommodate all plan lodgement scenarios and transition to an online end-to-end plan registration process.
  • Digital Form enhancements including the ability for contribution from multiple parties.
  • Improved Digital Plan CAD translator to efficiently create Digital Plan files.

Who can/should use LRS Connect?

The NSW LRS Connect system, serving a wide array of users, revolutionises the landscape of plan lodgement and registration. Registered surveyors and existing ePlan users will find enhanced features streamlining their workflows. Legal professionals can take advantage of digital form enhancements, promoting collaborative efforts in conveyancing processes. Councils, valuers, utility providers, and prescribed authorities will benefit from the system’s robust functionality, capable of handling diverse plan lodgement scenarios. Government bodies, the office of the Registrar General, and Spatial Services can look forward to the digital advancement aligning with their commitment to efficient, accurate, and improved service delivery.

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How to prepare for the migration from ePlan to NSW Connect?

If you are an individual or organisation already signed up with ePlan you will need to sign up to LRS Connect. You can do this here.

Once LRS Connect is available and you have signed up you will be able to access registered plans via the “MyDocuments” section.

Access to Digital Tools?

Digital Tools (Digital Plan Validation, LandXML Scheme Converter and Plan Revision Date) will also migrate to the new LRS Connect “Tools” page. However, the current LXML Rendering Service will NOT be migrated.

What if I have an in progress lodgement in ePlan?

Any in progress lodgements in ePlan must have all uploaded/signed required documents prior to the decommissioning of ePlan. If a plan has been lodged and not registered, all subsequent processing will be managed in LRS Connect.

NSW LRS has and will be running training webinars in regard to LRS Connect. You can also view the training session recordings here.

You can also access the LRS Connect Help Centre here.

The previous ePlan phone number will be decommissioned and the ePlan mailbox  ( will be redirected to

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