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The changing face of whistleblowing

Changing face of Whistleblowing


Generally in NSW, if you report a public sector for corrupt conduct in good faith to the ICAC, you are protected by law from reprisals. But to what extent are you really protected? Ensuring you seek legal advice first is important.

What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who provides information and exposes corrupt conduct within an organisation in the hope of stopping it.

What are the current Protections for whistleblowers

Allegations of corrupt conduct made to the ICAC may attract the protection of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 (“the ICAC Act”), the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (“the Public Interest Disclosures Act”) and other legislation.

The ICAC Act aims to:

  • protects people who are not public officials
  • protects people who are public officials
  • makes it a crime to victimise a person in reprisal for the person giving the ICAC information or assisting it in other ways. This includes protection against dismissal or disadvantage to anyone in their employment.*
    *from ICAC webpage.

With the introduction of the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019 (TLA Act) as at 1 July 2019 there is a shift towards better protection but more can be done to protect whistleblowers and empower them to come forward without the fears that are associated with the act.

Where could it improve?

The only way I can see improvement is to have one clear, concise Act that is Australia wide and provides strong penalty and protections for whistleblowers.



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