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Conveyancer-in-charge: Melina Costantino

Melina’s client was acquiring 100% of a property he owned with the ex-partner, pursuant to terms set out in sealed order courts. The court orders provided for a certain date that the transfer into Melina’s client’s sole name must be completed by or else the property would have to be sold. One week prior to the deadline, Melina noticed that the discharging mortgagee hadn’t yet accepted the settlement date and time in PEXA. She phoned the bank and sent them a conversation in the PEXA workspace. They were extremely unhelpful and unresponsive.

Melina spoke to several of the bank’s representatives and followed up with every single person, every single day, several times a day, until she finally got hold of a bank manager who was able to assist. Due to Melina’s proactiveness and perseverance, the transfer of the property was settled on the due date and her client was not forced to sell the property.

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