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Challenging a Will

Lawyer-in-charge: Kaisha Gambell

Kaisha’s client was a self-proclaimed “Aussie Bushy” who sought Coutts’ advice regarding the Estate of his Late Stepfather. When our client’s mother passed away, she left her entire estate to her then husband (the client’s Stepfather). However, when the client’s Stepfather passed, he only left 40% of the estate to our client, despite promises made to our client that he would receive the entire estate. Although he was not the biological son, our client considered the deceased as his real father.

Our client is on the unemployment pension and suffers serious health issues. Our client has limited assets and the 40% share in the estate did not align with his future needs. Because of this, we negotiated with the lawyers for the Estate before we took the matter to Court and achieved a favourable outcome for our client.

Our client received much more than the initial 40% that was given in the will, which has allowed him to buy a property and have some extra money set aside for a “rainy day”. These negotiations allowed our client to save money on legal fees and filing fees as he did not need to start formal court proceedings.

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