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Q&A: Wills, assets and blended families

Q&A: Wills, assets and blended families

Thinking about preparing a Will for your blended family? Our Solicitor Kaisha points you in the right direction over at SimplyAskIt.


How do I set up a Will for a blended family with overseas assets?


Hi Michael,

Estate planning for blended families is hardly straightforward, and the standard DIY Will kits are generally only set out to cover the traditional nuclear family. With blended family structures becoming more common, there are certainly a few ways to ensure that your spouse will be looked after once you pass away, as well as maintaining your assets for your children of a previous marriage. These legal solutions will depend on the nature of your estate assets (including your overseas assets) and your family dynamics. I would recommend that you seek legal advice to understand your options and be able to prepare a Will that provides for your loved ones as you intend.

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This Q&A first appeared online at SimplyAskIt

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