There is some complexity to planning law and local government law. Getting it right the first time will save you. If you are considering a development, consult both Coutts and your specialist advisers before you lodge an application or appeal.

Coutts can advise on:

  • Multiple occupancies and multi occupancy subdivisions
  • Objection to prescribed development standards (such as set-back requirements, height restrictions and minimum area requirements)
  • Subdivisions and consolidations
  • Re-zoning applications
  • Development applications
  • Third party objections
  • Strata title subdivisions
  • Community title subdivisions
  • Drafting public positive covenants as may be required by council
  • Development agreements
  • Council conditions
  • Appeals
  • Conditions of consent
  • Staged development
  • Existing use
  • Modification applications
  • Local Government appeals and litigations including:
    • All manner of appeals
    • Freedom of Information requests
  • Applications for declarations, injunctions or compensation for failure or delay
Local Govt & Planning Accredited Specialist

Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers have Accredited Specialists in Local Government & Planning Law