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Formidable Wills & Estate Lawyer Charlotte O’Connor Elevated to Senior Lawyer

Formidable Wills & Estate Lawyer Charlotte O’Connor Elevated to Senior Lawyer

Charlotte O’Connor is a woman of many talents – Applied Behaviour Analysis therapist, Vice President of BNI Chapter, sailing coach and most recently she was promoted to Senior Lawyer at Coutts Lawyers, effective July 1st, 2022.

While Charlotte is skilled across a vast spectrum of areas, within the legal field she has chosen to focus exclusively on Wills & Estate Planning; a conscious decision sparked by her desire to provide peace of mind and certainty for people in a frantic society. A proper estate plan enables people to control their personal and financial affairs well into the future – ensuring assets are safeguarded and loved ones are protected.

“In Wills & Estate Planning there are many emotional challenges and sensitive family disputes to navigate. Charlotte’s compassion and empathy are complemented by her clear, analytical, and structured legal approach – a formidable combination that ensures every client is protected, and nothing is left to chance. This promotion is very well deserved. Charlotte works hard, supports her colleagues, and goes above and beyond every time,” Adriana Care, Managing Partner said.

Charlotte has established a strong and loyal clientele – buoyed by her capacity to quickly build client rapport and develop legal strategies that effectively address their needs and wishes. Consequently, 5-star reviews are commonplace, with clients frequently commending Charlotte’s ability to simplify legal jargon and resolve complex matters.

Formidable Wills & Estate Lawyer Charlotte O’Connor Elevated to Senior Lawyer

“The legal services Charlotte provided me, and my family were amazing! She was always efficient and executed our requirements perfectly. Charlotte went the extra mile with looking after us and made the process very clear, every step of the way. Your legal services are second to none,” said Charlotte’s client.

Another client raved: “Charlotte made what seemed like a very daunting task simple and straightforward. You are a wonderful asset to your company and if I ever need legal representation, you will be the first person I call. Thank you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte believes the training she received at Coutts Lawyers was “first-class” – with the firm’s emphasis on care, communication and clarity providing a supportive environment to deliver gold-standard client service.

“I’m grateful to work for a firm that prioritises client care over billable targets. This ethos enables me to truly put the client’s interest first,” Charlotte said.

Above all, Charlotte believes true success comes from leveraging her skills and resources to make a positive impact in people’s lives. She undertakes pro-bono legal work for the Cancer Council of Australia, volunteers at a community gardening group and participated in charity initiatives that support returning soldiers.

“Life comes with many challenges. My goal is to lift as many people up as possible – I have a motto which I stick by in my personal and professional life: let no one ever come to you without leaving feeling happier and better,” Charlotte said.

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